Robert McCoy


Robert is a leading expert in the field of website management services. Robert has 20+ years of expertise and dealing with clients of all shapes and sizes. On a day to day basis Robert is involved in almost every aspect of the business and ensures each and every client is handled with the highest level of service.

Robert has the unique skill set of a being “techy” coming from his programming background, but also has the ability to talk non-techy to business owners looking for information on the website project.

Need SEO, social media, WordPress support, e-commerce solutions? Just ask and Robert will give you the answers.

Fadi Ghaby


Fadi is a brilliant business strategist who employs an integrated approach of comprehensive strategic planning, constant innovation, solid social media strategy and the highest quality in customer satisfaction.

The rest of the Delta Decisions team include Lindsay (Blog/Content Writer), Mathew (Logo/Graphic Design), Brenda (Office), Dion (Bermuda Sales/IT) and Rod (SEO). The entire team brings a wealth of expertise, experience and dedication to meeting all of your individual needs.