Delta Decisions drives transformation by bringing together the capabilities needed to help organizations grow and prosper in the digital age. We help our clients harness the power of data, modernize core technology, optimize and automate operations, promote digital growth, and build digital talent and culture.

Organizational Change Management

We provide corporations, international development agencies and governments forensic audits services. Our teams include forensic accountants, investigators, data analysts and other experts to provide a comprehensive analysis to evaluate procurement contracts and uncovering patterns in complex datasets

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    What We do

    Organizational Change Management0%
    IT audits0%
    Business & Technology Advisory0%
    Digital Transformation0%

    Our Services

    Digital Strategy

    Harness the power of data, modernize core technology

    Software Selection

    We guide organizations across all industries to find the best fit solution for their unique, operational needs.

    Software Implementation

    We provide access to emerging technology, industry professionals, and best practices to guide clients.

    Project Management

    Our consultants are experts in project governance, milestone management, and risk mitigation.

    Data Architecture & Integration

    In addition to assessing existing processes and assets, data management professionals can help organizations identify gaps in data management capabilities

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

    Our consultants help clients uncover whether they need a holistic system that encompasses all their processes or a specific best-of-breed solution